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W40 architects has been awarded with their first IF Design Award 2019.

In collaboration with the Design Agency Fuenfwerken w40 has developed a new Interior Design Concept for the WAJOS Flagshipstore in Trier. The ceremony of the award has been held in Munich on 15th of March 2019.

W40 architects has successfully developed the Refit of the new NIKE Store in Hamburg.

After one year of design development w40 has finished the new NIKE Store in Spitalerstrasse in Hamburg and opened it successfully on 18th of April 2019.

W40 architects and LEGO has developed their first Flagshipstores Openings in CHINA.

After LEGO has opened their first Flagshipstore in Disneyland Shanghai in 2016 w40 has designed and opened the next 2 Flagshipstores in Beijing and Shanghai Downtown.

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