The Nature of today should be noticable in our works. We want to design our projects out of the character of each task but according to our means in this period of time.

The Basis

Experiences made during our studies reversed when we started our first architectural activities. While provocative designs and dramatic drafts provided a basis to express certain personal attitudes during the studies, the requirements in professional life generate a rational attitude which demands a clear, silent and identifiable form of expressions. 

Our architectural design approach

Architects generally never try to implement a preconceived formal idea. It is rather quite important for them to develop both concepts for architectural competitions and concepts being realized out of the respective situation and performance requirements. The primary objective (for us) is therefore not to develop one `architectural hallmark` uniformly for all buildings.  Thus, each building and each room should be given this shape, appearance and atmosphere that correspond to its determination and the special framework conditions under which the interiors are designed. Another characteristic of our activities is that the planning process does not end by having finished the pure construction of the building, but does also include the detailed completion of the interior. 

The Situation

For a young architectural office it is very difficult to receive orders under normal conditions, as in 99 per cent of all cases integrity and reliability is equated with a meters-long reference list. A few clients recognize that especially young architectural offices through an increased commitment and unconventional point of view design buildings and interiors that clearly stand out of every day monotony and better suit to functional requirements. Our experience has shown that it is important to consider the client as creative partner within the process of project development.  

Our Tasks

A young Office will one day become an old Office. Nevertheless, it should attempt to continuously think in a young spirit manner. That particularly means to show a high degree of flexibility to change the framework conditions in order to react to change situations through further education. 

The Future 

The conceptual design phase with the determination of the fundamental architectural elements as well as the construction management are areas that become increasingly important in our `architectural everyday life`. Since every building is the product of its time of origin, every valued building would inevitably be constructed differently nowadays.

We would favor the idea of cooperation between young and established architectural offices. Above all, personal experience should intervene into our daily business.

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