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W40 architects has been awarded with their first IF Design Award 2019.

In collaboration with the Design Agency Fuenfwerken w40 has developed a new Interior Design Concept for the WAJOS Flagshipstore in Trier. The ceremony of the award has been held in Munich on 15th of March 2019.

W40 architects has successfully developed the Refit of the new NIKE Store in Hamburg.

After one year of design development w40 has finished the new NIKE Store in Spitalerstrasse in Hamburg and opened it successfully on 18th of April 2019.

W40 architects and LEGO has developed their first Flagshipstores Openings in CHINA.

After LEGO has opened their first Flagshipstore in Disneyland Shanghai in 2016 w40 has designed and opened the next 2 Flagshipstores in Beijing and Shanghai Downtown.

W40 architects has been appointed by LEGO for the new Flagshipstore in Shanghai Downtown.

After our successful Opening of the first LEGO Brand Retail Store in China w40 architects has been appointed by the LEGO Group for their next Flagship in Shanghai Downtown. The Opening is planned for 2018.

W40 architects has been appointed after an Idea Contest of the ILG Group for their Retail Markets in Germany.

After our Presentation of a new design of the Retail Markets in Germany the ILG Group has been appointed w40 Architects for the first project in Offenbach. The Retail Market Ring Center will get a new concept of fresh ideas and will be finished in 2018.

W40 architects has been appointed for the new Refit of the Pizza Hut Restaurant in Saarbrücken.

After we have successfully opened the Refits in Berlin and Bielefeld w40 architects has been appointed for the Refit in Saarbrücken. The Refit has been done in June 2017 and opened in time.

W40 architects is working on the new corporate design ‘WHITE LABEL’ by Fitseveneleven in Frankfurts Skyscraper ‘Taunusturm’.

The new Premium Club 'White Label' by 7.11 will open its doors mid of February 2017 in Frankfurt.

W40 architects has finished 2 new Flagshipstores for LEGO in Shanghai and London in 2016.

For LEGO BRAND RETAIL is it the first big Store in Asia at the New Shanghai Disneyland Resort. At the same time we finished the biggest global Flagshipstore in London Leicester Square, which opened mid of November 2016.

W40 architects has designed and opened 2 new refits for DIESEL in Munich and Geneva in 2016.

After 1 year of planning w40 has finished and opened 2 new REFITS for the Italian denim brand DIESEL in Munich and Geneva in 2016. Especially the Store in Munich is a firework of materials and lighting design for the brand.

W40 architects has finished its first project for Fit7eleven in Frankfurt, Hanauer Landstrasse 147.

The first female body club of the brand 7.11 has been finished by w40 with a new interior design concept. The club opened its doors beginning of October and more will follow soon.

W40 architects will finish the works for a luxury Villa in Wiesbaden.

After 15 month of design phase and another 15 month of construction we will finish our masterpiece of luxury architecture in Wiesbaden in November 2015.

W40 architects has been appointed to design the VIP Lounge of NIKE Germany GmbH at the Stadium of Eintracht Frankfurt.

Nike is the new Trikot Sponsor and Partner of Eintracht Frankfurt. Nike has rented a VIP Lounge for about 20 people in the Stadium. The design should underline the Partnership between both parties.

W40 architects has been appointed for the design of the new LEGO Flagshipstore in Disneyland Shanghai.

LEGO Brand Retail has decided to roll out their Retail concepts now in Asia. W40 will start the design of the LEGO Flagshipstore at Disneyland Shanghai. Provisional Opening Date so far is planned for late 2015.

W40 architects starts construction works for a luxury Villa in Wiesbaden.

After 15 month design phase the construction has been started on July 28th. We are very excited about this fantastic project in one of the most beautiful areas in Wiesbaden.

W40 architects has been awarded with two first prizes about their interior design for a loft in Frankfurt am Main.

The finest interior award 2014 in category Loft/Penthouse has been presented this year to w40 architects for their refit of two separate flats into one Loft in Frankfurt. A special award has received their customized designed kitchen out of ebony wood and handcrafted stainless steel. The award ceremony has been held on the 12th of November 2014 in the Danish Embassy in Berlin. The award has been tendered by BoConcept and Poggenpohl.

w40 Architects has been awarded for the Interior Contract Award 2013 in category ‚Experience‘ hosted by Zimmer + Rohde with their project Villa Medica in Edenkoben

For the first time, Zimmer + Rohde Interior Contract Award will highlight international creativity and textile furnishing design. The Jury, comprising Anna Maria Jagdfeld, Hadi Teherani, Matteo Thun, Axel Venn, Tobias Lutz, Andreas Henke and Andreas Zimmer, has narrowed a large field of candidates down to 5 prize winners, who will be officially honoured during the Award Dinner.

w40 Architects has been appointed to design a Private Villa in Wiesbaden.

Both Design Proposals for a refurbishment and a new Building with a lot of innovative ideas  has convinced the Client to announce w40 Architects as the winner out of this private Competition.

w40 Architects has been appointed for the new Building of a Private Clinic in Edenkoben, Germany.

After w40 Architects has refurbished 30 existing rooms of the Private Clinic within 60 days over the Christmas Period 2012/2013 the Client was more than satisfied about this amazing result in such a short time. All customers from all over the world are more than pleased with the new, luxury Design of the rooms. 

w40 Architects is working on the new LEGO Flagshipstore in Disneyland Paris.

Their current biggest Flagshipstore is in Berlin and now becomes potential competition in France. A 450,00 sqm Store will be built in July and August in Disneyland Paris and will become their new Flagship in Europe.

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