The beautiful detached house is situated on a large hillside plot with a view of the Taunus heights in Georgenborn. The only "flaws" that this property had were on the one hand an extremely narrow and unsightly entrance situation directly at the corner of the main house, on the other hand the missing connection of the outbuilding. Although this was relatively spacious and due to the hillside location even 2-storey, it was only used as a storage area.

Here the task for the architects was obvious: the entrance area had to be urgently upgraded and the outbuilding had to be connected to the main building. The owners wanted an extension of the main building and in the completely renovated and converted outbuilding there was space for an office and a guest room with shower on the ground floor, and in the basement the rooms were prepared for the later installation of a sauna.

The connecting element forms a wall disc, which was placed in front of the existing exterior wall of the main house. In order to emphasize its importance and guiding function, it was emphasized by the red painting. On the one hand, this wall accommodates the new entrance to the house, on the other it forms the newly created corridor leading to the adjoining building. Here the particular difficulty was to determine the exact position of the wall, because in the entrance space for 2 cars was necessary, and the new entrance should also be easily accessible.

When designing the rooms for the entrance and the new office, special emphasis was placed on transparency. In order not to disturb the flow of space, the office was only separated from the other rooms by a frameless glass wall. The existing natural stone wall was exposed and renovated, and this was particularly accentuated by an enclosure with white plaster and accentuated lighting.

The existing terrace of the adjacent building became the interior, the outside staircase was also renovated and can now be used as direct access from the ground floor to the inner courtyard. In the basement, the rooms have also been renovated: a shower area has already been created and the large three-part window front can be used in future as a direct connection to the outside area of the sauna.

The new rooms needed a new roof, as the roof over a part of the outbuilding was dilapidated, it was renewed in this course. Although the new roof consists of a wooden construction, it looks like a thin, solid pane that cantilevers far out and also fulfils the function of a canopy.

The simple and linear design language has also been successfully continued in the outdoor facilities. Paved surfaces alternate with finely bordered gravel surfaces. The overall effect is completed by a flat door made of polished aluminium panels.

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