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‘We have never been forced to accept compromises but we have willingly accepted constraints.’ Charles Eames

Under the leadership of its owner Markus Gabler, the architectural agency W40 Architekten has been planning and realizing building projects throughout Germany and Europe for more than 13 years now. We have realized a great diversity of building projects for our clients, ranging from single-family homes to office buildings and business premises. We are proud to present some examples of our realized projects to you on our references page.

The targets of our designs are clarity of structure, integrity of elaborated details and a conscious choice of materials employed. During many years of analyzing architectural challenges within a Europe undergoing structural change, we have been aiming to create forward-oriented new concepts, render existing concepts functional and add shape and expression to places and buildings. In this, our constant points of focus have been a contemporary quality of our designs and the requirements of our clients.