Villa H2 Wiesbaden

Even though our core business clearly lies in the area of brand architecture, the design and construction of private homes has a very special appeal for us and has accompanied us from the beginning until today. The living needs of our clients are always in the foreground. We always make sure that our architecture and interior design blend into one another. One of our first own private house projects was the addition of this multi-family house for a family in Wiesbaden. Due to the very high price of land for a new building in Wiesbaden, our client decided to take advantage of 2 more storeys on his own property and commissioned W40 Architekten with this task. For static reasons, we had to and wanted to choose a lightweight steel skeleton construction, which we placed on top of the existing apartment building. We quickly realised that this choice of a platform on the 2nd floor allowed us to move all utilities from the floors below. The construction proved to be very flexible, as well as the cheapest and fastest to implement. This is now more than 20 years ago and we are of the opinion that this house still looks very timeless and charming today. From this knowledge of prefabricated construction, we have almost specialised in using this type of timber frame or steel skeleton construction for private builders.

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